A Journey to Hope and Healing

We are a group of licensed mental health professionals providing counseling for both Christian and non-Christian clients.

Telehealth and in person appointments are available.  Bilingual Spanish counseling is also offered.

Please check the therapist’s individual profile to see which insurance they accept.  We also accept self-pay.



Feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or stuck? Suffering from isolation, loneliness, or anxiety? Life throws a lot at us! We can be hurt in relationships, derailed by loss, or disoriented by life’s many transitions. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to guide us to a place of hope, joy, and peace. You don’t have to walk alone.


Whether you’ve been married a year or 30 years, sometimes we can feel so alone, so detached from our partner. Communication can become so difficult and conflict can replace the loving tenderness you used to enjoy together. There is good news for you! You can learn to replace your unhealthy communication patterns with ones that foster and maintain genuine connection, trust, and even passion!

Children and Families

Our family – they can be our greatest source of strength and joy or our greatest source of distress. Parenting challenges can face us at all stages of our children’s lives. Communication between family members can deteriorate, robbing your family of the peace and unity you desire. You can learn tools and strategies to bring greater love, respect, and harmony back into your family.







Parenting issues


Life Transitions


Spirtual Concerns


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Hope is like the sun,
which, as we journey toward it,
casts the shadow of our burden behind us.